A badd site (sic) maintained by MSN alter ego "Angel with the broken wings."

WARNING : This site may contain humour that some people may find offensive.

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me standing next to a sign of no significance whatsover (heh heh) A word or two from the person himself who according to some guy on the net was so rightfully reminded that his site was gonna go down the Mary Poppins bullshit way when in todays society, you'd be safer off in Ali G land.

A quick intermission - my mom took a sneak peak at the web site and then we had this discussion about the fact that she thought this was the real me when this wasn't the real me at all but just a made up me. A character, like Ali G or Dame Edna Everage or whoever. Ya know, like playing a character on a television show, or in a movie or on the stage. This is a characters web site and this intro wasn't gonna be in the original homeless page but some people weren't gonna get it and so for those people out there that weren't gonna get it and were gonna be misinterpretating everything in here for the real thing that the real carl robertson would preach so forth...

well, just another reminder. This is a made up site with fictional thoughts by a fictional character. A very large percentage of the thoughts and ideas and use of language and etc would be something I would not adopt in todays society.

This site was made for the intention of a little bit of a chuckle, a bit of a wink wink and a nudge nudge. If you still can't get that and think this is the REAL ME, then you might want to get out of the site right now and find something else.

But if you are aware of the entertainment industry nowadays and the fictional characters that portray our screen, you'll know all about this.

Fictional web site. full stop. Yeah yeah, they're pictures of me but they aren't really my thoughts and ideas. Just think of this as a fictional book. Cause it is that. A fictional book on the web site.

Dunno why I had to write all this ..... but a particular person made me feel like a dork and so, hence here we are.

Enough said.

"Before the site had even been completed, I was already being queried on the style and substance of the site. So I pondered over it and realised it was gonna end up as some Mills and Boons bullshit site, so I did what I thought was necessary at the time, and completely overhauled the site and started again right from scratch. The qoutes and the preachy crap might be still there, but its now crammed into the "Bambi Bullshit" section where it probably rightfully belongs. I have the feeling that if I had've done the site the way I originally had intended to do it, people would have thought I was going totally insane and that perhaps I was not only intending to become a SUPER SNAG but then conquer the world in the emotional and sensitivity stakes. Perhaps this Angel with broken wings needs to get himself a fire pick and a couple of horns. Enough said."


"Prolly wondering what the hell the link above is huh? If you don't have a frigging clue much about the internet and surfing the net (attention foreigners to internet terminology - its got nothing to do with a frigging board) then I advise you if you wanna "shite" in your pants because your bowels suddenly expanded due to disbelief. THEN THIS IS THE SITE FOR YOU. Actually its more of a journal and its writer in residence is DAN_THA_DEVIL who even has his own frigging page somewhere on this shitty site of mine called IMAGINE.("what the hell was I thinking when I called it imagine cause I sure didn't put much imagination into it.") Dan, alas Kite (I'm so high man) shoulda paid me for a spot in this site cause its called advertising man and I seem to be promoting his every word, no matter how worthless it may be. What the hell is the world coming to huh?"

Well then. Click the link and shite then huh?


"Excerpt taken from the MSN (Microsoft Network Messenger)"

ANON: What the hell is with your nickname man?
CARL: Angel with broken wings?
ANON: Yeah man. It sounds gay.
CARL: It doesn't sound gay to me. It just sounds significant.
ANON: You gay man?
CARL: No. the name just says who I am.
ANON: Well you sound gay man.
CARL: Whatever. Besides, everything sounds or looks gay to you anyway.

The original caption for this was "Look of disconsent and feeling trapped." Yeah right - more like "really frigging pissed off that I couldn't get the front seat." "Whats with the name?"

"Angel with broken wings" is the nickname I use on the MSN and is a name I gave to myself because I tend to think it describes me very well."

To elaborate -

"Angel" - I like to think of myself of like an angel because I consider myself to be a truly good person. Tolerant, kind, considerate. Even though I may have a cheeky side to myself and may be the 'Number one fan of Bantering', the wings are still on and we consider angels to be good beings.

"Broken wings" - I don't always feel secure or confident or sure of myself or the world or other people in general. I can get confused, bewildered, agitated, anxious, depressed and so forth. Hence "with broken wings."

Sounds like bullshit that can't be wiped off the table huh? And I think something must have been in the water when I wrote this cause I haven't touched that frigging water since.
Its so sad. I don't know what medication they have for me but I will check.